If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


You’re foreign and think today is 2/22?

OK, here you go. The first one’s genuine (I think) while the more complete looking one isn’t.


Interestingly, the Sd Kfz 222 was fitted with a 3.5 (and later a 3.8) Horch V8 which in its larger variant produced just 90 bhp to move its four tonnes.

Also interestingly, the chassis was built in the Horch plant in Zwickau.

Even more interestingly, the factory went on to make the Trabant and I’m told that until at least the 1990s you could still make out the Horch name in faded paint on one of the walls.


EDIT: Found it! Still there in 2005.

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