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And the LORD said “the firing order shall be 1,5,3,6,2,4 and it will be good” - Book of Mopar 3:7


Yes, it is time to recognize one of the best engines ever made. I recognize that earlier versions rang in at 170ci, but I think the 225ci version is probably the best known.

I really do love the slant 6 engine. Not only because I own one, but because of the culture around them. They are really one of the unsung heroes of automotive history.


Post your best stories/photos of slant 6 powered cars. You all know mine! I have a poster of the patent filing for the 225 Slant 6, a mug with a slant 6 and of course, my most treasured slant 6 decor, the head gasket gift from Longtime Lurker!

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