2.4 Hours of the Ring Race on Forza 5 Tomorrow (6/21)

Not sure how many of you guys out there have Forza 5 but I was thinking of doing a 2.4 hours of Nurburgring tomorrow on Forza 5 kinda like they did for Le Mons.

I am thinking of doing A Class since it makes the cars fast enough to have fun but also not outrageously expensive and still customizable and unique. If you want to race an F50 or KTM I might crash you a couple times to even the playing field :D but this is just for fun so race all the leader board cars you want. I would like to get at least 5 - 6 people in the race.


I'm thinking of starting at 2pm Central Time, hopefully that works for most people (if everyone agrees on another time I'm ok with that). I would do 15 laps probably which with all of the crashes and what not will probably put us around 2.4ish hours.

My name on XBL is Madman133. If I get enough interest I will start a lobby around 1:30 tomorrow and everyone can add me and then just join the lobby that way I'm not trying to type in a bunch of peoples names. (I think they added the functionality of jumping into a friends lobby)


I'll be on tonight most likely in an A class lobby but if anyone wanted to do practice laps on the ring or play Titan Fall I'm good with that too, just let me know, I will be inebriated so I may or may not be much competition tonight.

Reply to this thread so I can get a gauge of how many people there will be/if it's worth it. I will post this again in the morning.

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