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2 awful customers already ruined my weekend so early

It’s already a bit rough having to turn in 70 hours a work week. Saturdays seem to feel like an eternity knowing that as soon I clock out, I could finally at least try to rest before another week of the S.O.S!

Dudes and dudettes, i’m not sure how i’m perceived here in the kinja-verse aka my only social media. I like to think of myself as a calm dude. Being kind and positive is just my natural demeanor. Those who have met me can confirm I guess lol :]


Customer number one comes into my Volvo parts side wanting a valet key. She called earlier in the week and we explained our tough but fair policy on ordering replacement keys (we do not cut keys, they are ordered via Volvo HQ). In a nutshell to prevent any legal issues that have happened before, we can only order keys to the person/lot/shop who’s name is on the title. The person’s driver’s license/original DBA has to match the title and VIN number. You peeps know why this is very important. Many obvious reasons.

Customer #1

Me: Good morning, how may help you?

Cust: uh yeah I called yesterday about getting a key cut

Me: Ok no problem ma’am. We don’t actually cut keys here but once ordered through Volvo, a key will arrive the next business day.

Cust: Fine whatever the fuck, I just need a key. All I know is i’m leaving here with my new key so yeah. Here’s the title ya’ll said ya’ll needed. Some bull shit but whatever I just want a damn key.

Me: Ok ma’am may I see your driver’s license?

Cust: for what? I brought the damn title, whachu need my damn license for?

(Title had the name La Fiesta Auto Sales but that’s beside the point)

Me: Ma’am like we explained over the phone, the only person that can order a key to be cut is the person/shop/sales lot who’s name is on the title.


Cust: *loudly shouting* You think I stole the mother fucking car? Who the fuck are you bitch? Don’t profile me because i’m black you faggy ass bitch!!!!

Me: whoa ma’am please calm down. It’s doesn’t have to do with any of...

Cust: Oh this nigga is fucking crazy thinking I stole this shit! Fuck you ya pasty ass bitch *knocking over all the displays on my counter and storming out*


Yup. Good way to start the morning :]

To regroup, I went over to our Aston sales/service counter to get some good coffee lol and chat with Tim (service adviser) and Tom (salesman on a sales call/ delivery at a customer’s house at the moment). I start talking to Tim when 2 men come in looking at the cars.


Customer #2

Tim: If you gentlemen have any questions, let me know.

Cust A: Do have any V12 Vantage?

Tim: Yes sir there is one here around the corner by the water fountain.

*a couple minutes pass by*

Cust A: Can we test drive the V12 Vantage?

Tim: I’m sorry sir our salesman just took off on a sales delivery. Our policy on the weekends is test drive by appointment only.


Cust A: Are you Tom?

Tim: No I’m Tim

Cust A: Oh ok yeah Tom mentioned that to me that but I didn’t call back. Thanks for the info. I’ll try to make it in later if not Monday.


Tim: No problem sir. If you need anything else, let us know.

Cust B: No no no hold on. Hey Tim, that’s kind of bullshit. We are working physicians! We can’t just leave the office in the middle of the week to look at cars! We go on the weekends. That’s how we buy our cars. What kind of place is this?


Tim: Ok sir I understand but I can’t leave the place alone when there is only 2 of us and one is out.

Cust B: Who is this guy? *pointing at me*

Me: I work in parts and just stopped by really quick

Cust B: tell this fuckin guy to watch out for the place!

Tim: sir if you give me one quick second, let me call the salesman and see what we can do.


Cust B: Oh could you please? It’s pretty fucking ridiculous!

*Tim calls and the salesmen gives the ok but this is the only time since cust A has purchased a car here in the past and were talking earlier in the week*


Tim: Ok sir let me pull the car around for you.

Cust B: *sarcastically* Oh could you please? That would be just swell. *shakes his head and fake laughs towards cust A* Can you believe this dumb kid? It’s a fucking joke here.


It’s customers like this that make me want to go back to my corner in the shop and turn wrenches........ then I get those cars that just eat your lunch and you don’t get shit for warranty pay taking hours of the day to diag or fix.

Cars..... I need to seriously stop liking cars soon and get out of this shit. That, or learn to be an asshole and not give a shit. Maybe once I make a bunch of money as manager. Not right now though as a poor* dude that needs every penny I can get :]


*not homeless but not entirely to the point where i’m a typical GoPro bro having adventures every other week :]

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