2 hour rule: Warriors beat the Raptors by 1, KD and Looney are hurt again

The Raptor fans cheering when KD got hurt was just fucking disrespectful. That brief couple minutes when they had the full Warriors roster playing, they seemed unstoppable until KD got hurt again. He dropped 11 points in his stint this game, hit all his 3's and was aggressive as hell. The splash brothers did pretty good too with Steph’s 31 and Klay’s 28. I am a Warrior fan as I’ve been for years now, and though it seems inevitable that they’d lose it sucks how it’s going down. It would be really cool if Klay and Steph come alive in game 6/7 and drop 40 or close points each. But a guy can only dream. Side note, WTF Kawhi dropped 10 in barely a damn minute?! I can’t deny this man’s skill, he is truly one of the best to play the game. Does Oppo watch basketball? If so, who’s your team?



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