2 laps from my weekend and I really need a polarized filter for my GoPro Session

Track day on both Friday and Sunday, and since I got a new breather that doesn’t puke out oil I did my most laps by far over those two days. Friday I ran my 18's with Nitto NT01's but only did a couple sessions. Mostly just used that day to stretch its legs and see if the new breather setup fixed my issues. Going to dial the rear camber back a bit (currently at -2) since it wants to get hairy coming out of the corner on the shorter tire setup.

Put my street setup on Sunday and it felt way more controlled coming out of the corners. I’ll mess around with my other setup and see if I can get them to work. Fairly happy with the day. Even though I was .6 off my fastest time I had to remind myself that was in my 3rd session in a hot car. The DSC controller is noticeable under braking.


So for next time I’ll bring the rear camber back a bit and soften up the rear sway.

My ass with new fancy carbon fiber for your time.

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