Long story Long...

My roomate has been building a 1975 CB550 Super Sport for about 2 months now. He had just got her going to the point that he could daily the bike and was very eager to do so. However, It being his first bike ever he’s always concerned about a random noise or bump in the road, which I’m sure he’ll get over but until he does I’ve been somewhat of his test rider.

After he blew every bit of $1700 to get this bike right I couldn’t get over how impressive it really was. The relaxed riding position allows you to enjoy the environment your riding through but with enough mustard on the dog to get you into trouble quick no matter what gear you may be in at the time.

Needless to say I needed one of my own..


Few days go by and all of a sudden a 1975 CB550 same year as the roomate’s bike comes up on CL. Asker wanted $2300. I ended up taking the bike home for 1500. WIN

He even included a small Honda Dealership worth of parts with the bike . Extra Top End and all kinds of seals, gaskets, nuts & bolts.


Then instead of enjoying my new purchase I got back on the damn List and found another bike I couldn’t pass up. A 1970 CL175 for a price I will take to the grave. Fully restored by a goof ball in the oil field. Complete with speakers and clubman bars flipped upside down lol. Got the bike and removed the speakers, fixed the bars, and carbs.


The camera work is that of the roomate. Anyone in Austin TX area feel free to reach out to do a photoshoot sometime.

Anyhow that’s how I ended up with 2 1970's Honda’s in 1 week.