If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

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James Bell (General Motors Head of Consumer Affairs) Discusses These Topics: Corvettes, Corvettes and more Corvettes Cadillac's New Innovations New Designs In GM UTE's & GM's Positive Transformations In The Last Few Years Art and Science Language (Specifically Cadillac) Buick and How It Has Transformed for the Better GM's Placement in Comparison to other Car Brands.


Wichita KS Car People VS Car Bores Pedal Bars Used Car Dealerships and Strip Clubs Should Host Car Shows People Who Restore Cars And Look Like Homeless People RUSH the Movie Unrealistic Daily Street Races The Need For More Female Car Enthusiasts KNOW-IT-ALL Douches on Car Forums Bumper Stickers that Indicate Car Enthusiast/That You Work On Your Own Car To be on the show:

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