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2 new tires? Nope, 8 (!!)

Ok, so this "new" car (second hand, owned since februari this year) has all-season tires. Not really a fan of those, since they are, after all, a compromise. But hey, that's what the car came with.

So, the front tires are worn past their 3 mm indicators. Still well above the legal limit of 1.6 mm (2.2 and 2.4 mm) but common sense dictates that I should replace them.

The next question then becomes: Do I replace the two front tires with new all-season ones? There is enough thread depth on the rears. The other option is to get 4 new summer tires (and get a set of winter tires on steelies). That's actually quite a tough call. Keep the compromise, and spend money on two tires? Or go for a proper set-up (my opinion) and get 8 (!!!) new tires and 4 steel rims instead? It's either €220 for a pair of 16" all-seasons, or €325 for 4 new 16" summer tires and another €510 for 4 15" winter tires on 15" steelies. (205/55/R16 and 195/65/R15 respectively.) Prices are all-in, balanced and mounted.


Well, it has been decided for me. Because cupping. So the rear tires have to go sooner or later too.

And in case you can't really see the problem:

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