So I bought my “new” bike and have been riding it around when the weather cooperates. And I’m now second-guessing the whole “owning a motorcycle “ thing.

It is often too cold, or too hot, or wet for riding to be comfortable enough to actually be enjoyable, instead of a chore. My partner (who is only around on weekends) doesn’t ride and doesn’t want to ride on the back of my bike, so my choices are to spend time away from them riding, or only ride during the week(which mostly means commuting on the bike.

For less than what I paid for the bike (during the winter, so getting my $$ back out shouldn’t be an issue) I could own something like the Mercedes I posted about. I already have a ‘64 chevy pickup I’m re-doing, but a car-type classic is better for long trips and being social with friends.


Pros for bike:

  • Already own it
  • Fuel injected & shaft drive mean low maintenance for my toy.
  • Cheap to insure/register
  • In the right place and/or weather it is a ton of fun.

Negatives for bike:

  • Pretty much a solo activity (even when riding with someone)
  • Need to watch weather to avoid getting caught out and being miserable.
  • Completely unusable for a chunk of the year.
  • Absolutely needs to be stored in the garage

Pros for classic sedan/coupe/convertible:

  • Room for partner & friends means I can drive it and still be social
  • Short of snow/sleet, weather is irrelevant to using it
  • No added gearing up/prep time to take it to work or out
  • Can be stored outdoors

Negatives for classic sedan/coupe/convertible: 

  • Higher insurance/registration costs.
  • Takes up more of my limited driveway/garage space
  • Much higher maintenance costs & time
  • Would be a third 4-wheeled vehicle and duplicates things I already own (classic vehicle, vehicle with room for 4+ people) just in a different form.