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2 smoke, except no smoke :(

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Photo: me

Any two-stroke enthusiasts here? I’m having trouble. Got mine reassembled, verified spark after I put a new condenser in it though the spark seems a bit weak (new coil, plug, condenser, tested resistance on the points and it seems in spec). Kicked it over a crapton and not even a cough. Took the carbs out, gave the reeds a check. Reeds look good, carb looks slightly crusty. Soak it a bit, blow it out with carb cleaner, all the passages and jets look clear. Reassemble it, forgot to put the plug in the bottom of the bowl (oops). Clean up fuel spill, put plug in bottom of bowl (at least fuel is making it into the bowl). Kick bike over a crap ton more times while playing with the screws on the carb and choke, none if which I have any idea the actual function of.

Nothin. Not even a cough. Even tried starter fluid (which is a no-no, cuz no lubrication). Maybe my weak spark? The plug didn’t seem very wet when I pulled it. The bike feels like it has compression and the internet wisdom suggests that “if it feels like it has compression, it has enough to at least sort of run”

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