Oppo seems to know everything, so I have two questions to ask.

1). Does the Max Cool or Max A/C button many cars have do anything other than optimize all the regular setting to facilitate maximum cooling? In my car, it makes all air come from dash vents, locks out recirc (meaning it turns recirc off, if you turn it on, max cool stops) and maxes out the fan speed. Does it also do something to the compressor or some other oddness? Or is it basically the same as me just setting the fan to max, temp to min, dash vents only, recirc off?

2). In this day and age, why aren't all cars available from the manufacturer (heck, standard) with remote start and remote climate control functions? I should be able to pull out my phone, start my car, and run my AC for 15 mins before I get in (or conversely warm up the motor and run the heat in the winter). Everything's automatic these days so there's no worry of starting the car in gear, and it could have some sort of 15-20 minute auto shutoff to make sure you don't forget and accidentally idle your car for 10 hours. It seems like it would be really simple, cheap, and useful. So why not?