I always drive my car at the very limit of its engineering during my morning commute. Obviously, FWD is no good for me.

My daily driver must be performance oriented and be able to be "hooned" yet still be reliable enough and easy to fix to get me to work everyday.

Like the Oakland Raiders, I buy based on perceived potential.

Like the Oakland Raiders, I am usually disappointed.

I give new drivers bad advice, constantly.

I strictly adhere to the Jalop Code which is as follows:

1. FWD bad, RWD good. No questions

2. Miata is always the answer, especially when its the wrong answer.

3. Manual transmissions are always better, even when they aren't.

4. Performance driving is the only type of driving.

5. Dicks in tailpipes.

6. Buy a car based on how it makes you feel (like a racecar driver) and not on how it makes your family/wallet feel.


7. Deny adhering to this code.

Added 8. Angrily defend/contradict yourself/Jalopnik/real Jalops