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Our brand new Honda L15A7 was installed tonight, and it’s pretty much ready to go. Next week I’ll put the gear ratios that we need for Summit Point. Aside from the engine, there’s a handful of new things we’ve got that I hope will make this year better than last year.

  1. Setup Pad and Scales- Last year we had tools to measure toe, camber/castor and ride height but we didn’t have the flat pad necessary to get accurate measurements. Over the winter we picked one up along with a set of scales so we can make sure the corner weights are properly balanced.
  2. Tire Pyrometer- We can take outer/middle/inner temps for each tire to help get toe and camber dialed in. We pay for the entire tire, we should make sure we’re using all of it!
  3. Brake Pressure Sensors- One on the front and one on the rear. This will help us get the brake bias dialed in better. Last year we were struggling with too much rear and weren’t able to get it quite right.
  4. Steering Sensor- Should help with some driver analytics if I can ever afford a coach.

It’ll take some time to figure out how to use everything, but now we’ve got the tools to make meaningful setup changes and actually be able to record them. We’re going to Summit Point April 5-7 for a shakedown and then two weeks after that is the season opener at Road Atlanta. Some of the teenagers I’ll be racing against have been driving all winter, so we’ve got some work to do!

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