I know this would be better with pictures......but I was too busy trying to not eat trees to pull out my phone and snap any.

I was out riding my road bike (bicycle-not motorcycle) and was enjoying the hell out of myself taking in some beautiful late fall weather when I came up on one of my favorite decreasing downhill turns.

I didn’t take into account the wet leaves on the road........I did it Kenny Roberts style. I unclipped my inside leg and used it as a pivot to transfer to weight between the front and rear tire. Touching either brake would have made the bike slide off the road.

It worked pretty good, I leaned that sucker way over, drifted both tires and got around the corner with about 6 inches of road left.

Sure, I was probably only going 20 mph, but I was still pretty proud of myself.

This took 5 minutes to write and about 5 seconds to happen :-)