Just got my motorcycle running after about 7 years of sitting. It was outside for a decent amount of that time, so I did a pretty thorough overhaul.

New front & rear tires

Rebuilt front & rear brakes, and rebuilt master cylinder

New AGM battery

Removed and rebuilt/resynced carburators

Drained/cleaned fuel tank and replaced fuel filter

oil/filter change

New final drive hypoid gear oil

Cleaned/lubed shifter/brake/throttle linkages

Cleaned/greased electrical contacts and connectors

She still looks kinda crappy but man, she purrs like a kitten now! I’ve already put about 50 miles on her between Friday and today. Still hesitates a bit at high (over 5000) rpm, but it’s getting better the more I ride it. She started up within 2 seconds, with half choke applied in 30 degree weather this morning. Not many 25 year old bikes can do that.

I’m going to try to run it at least once a week throughout winter, and even take it out for short rides on above-freezing days. I just put friction tape on the grips to help with gripping them in big, bulky winter gloves.

And yes, I will be reupholstering the seat.

edited to add: This is a 1990 Yamaha Virago XV1100. Currently has just under 40,000 miles.