A Frenchist named Martin Hulin wanted to make an electric cafe racer, about as naked and pure as could be.


Does it go?


Yeah, it goes well enough.

Is it perfect? Could it be mass-produced? No, and probably not as such. But that isn’t really the point. Gotta say, I really dig the effort that went into this.

From the designer:

Inspired by classic custom and café racers, e-raw links the language of electrics with lines of the past.
The tubular steel frame contains the batteries and supports the plywood seat post. More than 80 layers have been molded to create this wooden piece, making the seat post elastic and rigid at the same time.


From the beginning of this project, my desire was to cultivate a relationship with my materials. I also wanted to bring dream to an ultimate reality by building a scale 1:1 prototype. Four craftsmen helped me to make this dream come true. Together, we worked metal and wood to build this motorcycle.