This is a copy of an article I wrote 2 years ago titled "Cars I wish were in America". I so approve. Sorry for terrible formatting and images that have dissappeared

1) Volkswagen Scirocco: This is basically a Golf, only it looks good. 0-62 comes in 5.8 seconds in the 275 hp R version. It looks AMAZING with those 5 prong wheels also. The R gets 35mpg. That is the sporty version. Seats four people, and still has (a bit of) a trunk. Even the back looks great! At around $31,000 base, this is one expensive (and gorgeous) Audi TT hatchback, but keep in mind that the buyers would be comparing it to an Audi A3. Plus the standard version gets around 40mpg (for a mid sized hatchback). Put my order in.

2) Audi RS6 Avant: The ULTIMATE sleeper. Just a normal Audi A6 Avant right? Sensible. Can power through all of this deep snow that we get in Los Angeles. And then you start it and are greeted by a growl. Yup. It has a 5.0 liter twin-turbo V10 making 571 hp. This thing is absolutely MAD. 0-60 comes in less than 4.5 seconds. Without the limiter, it can hit almost 200 mph. This thing. Wow. I just love how the fender is widened so much that the door handle is on it, and the aggressive stance with the double front splitters on each side. If it ever came over, I would somehow find the $119,000 it costs. Yes please!


3) BMW 1 series hatch

Redacted for terrible writing


4) Citroen C6: This is a hideous limo/whale combo, and I love it. It is a bargain. For around $38,800, you get a huge luxo limo with a LOT of class. For the price of a BMW 328Ci, you get a MASSIVE, funky French car, with a lot of style. I just absolutely love the concave back window, and more so, the huge amount of back seat space. It has a great air suspension. It lets you go and glide across the freeway at a great speed, with heated seats, and almost too much class.5) Land Rover Defender: We used to have this here, but that doesn't mean I don't still want it. These are very basic, yet versatile off-roaders. They aren't too fast, but at $26,000, they wont break the bank either. They are very capable, and available with up to 7 seats. You can get it in pickup (two or four door), wagon, and even panel van. They all have the same diesel. I know the tech is out-dated, and the aerodynamics could be a heck of a lot better, but this is one car that I cared for, and I really miss.