We have had these number days fairly often and today is no exception. This time it’s my turn to announce one. I have a good reason for this as this small thing joined my yard recently.

It was temporarily stored in a forest by the former owner and when the picture was taken it had just been pushed off from the trailer. It looks now a lot cleaner but my camera was unwilling to give away any newer pictures today. It came with a very big amount of spares and even a rusty spare part car (sedan/berline).

Peugeot 204 is getting rare in Finland and I do believe that mine is the only Cabriolet. It was originally sold to Sweden and it was imported to Finland in late 90's. At his point it was extremely rusty and badly patched up. Now it’s doing a lot better but it has still some unfinished places. The rear wheel arches are the most problematic as they have been fixed but they look very asymmetrical.

A 605 with a V6 brought the Cabriolet to my yard as the purchase price included the delivery. The deal was actually a very good one as the former owner was very frustrated by his big amount of projects.


The spare part car is in quite horrible state but it has still plenty of usable parts to give. The rear axle seems to be doing better in that one.