Fun fact, all the photos I’ve used for the countdown posts were taken while I was out scouting for the rally. In other news, we’re just one entry away from a whopping 25 teams! Who’s going to push us over that edge?

If you’ve sent in a registration email you should have received a welcome/preliminary info letter. If you haven’t received it yet please let me know in the comments. It’s possible either my filter has eaten your email or yours has eaten the welcome letter. Either way that’s information you need.


If you haven’t registered for Oppo Rally (why not, yo?) here’s how to do so. Entries will be open until the day before the rally, but if you want to guarantee yourself one of those sweet, sweet stickers then you need to get your entry in no later than May 10.

If you’re pretty sure you’ll be at the rally (say above 75%) but haven’t registered yet because you’re not completely certain (or don’t know what you’ll be driving), I suggest putting in an entry anyway to ensure you get the information that has been emailed to registrants. It includes details that are helpful/necessary for planning (such as start/finish time and address). Registration is free, as mentioned, the listed vehicle can be changed/added any time, and there’s no penalty if you have to withdraw.

And don’t forget Oppomeet On The Mountain for the Mt Washington Hillclimb in July! Still looking to get a group together to partake in the House Of Oppo.


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