Been slacking quite a bit on Miata work lately, it’s been running good enough that I haven’t been motivated to mess with it since all the work I did over the Christmas holiday.

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Well, every year there is a giant Miata meetup in California at Laguna Seca, and I signed up. That means I have 4 months and counting to get my car ready for a 2000 mile road trip with a track day half way. Right now it’s burning about a quart of oil every 1000 miles on the unknown mileage junkyard 1.6, so I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t make it through the trip.

Basically, here is the list of things I need to get done

1. Swap known good 1.8 into the car
-Things needed to make that happen

  • 1a Timing belt on the 1.8
  • 1b rear main seal

2. Tires (probably good to have matching on all corners)

3. Alignment (it’s definitely taken some hits, probably best to throw it on a rack and see where it lies)


4. Brakes, no idea what’s even on there, I reused pads when i changed the calipers

5. Diff fluid, left whatever was already in there when i did the swap

Stretch goals

1. Fix the rust holes

2. Put in real shocks, currently on racelands

3. swap to a standalone ECU, 1.6 stock ecu will run the 1.8 but I’d rather to be able to tune it.


4. Cooling mods, hood ventilation and a larger radiator.

Lol, not going to happen but fun to think about

1. Turbocharge

2. Cruise Control

I’m also hoping to get it done about a month in advance of the event to give me a chance to properly shake everything down and weed out any potential issues.

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