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$200 Miata: Part 4, It lives again.

Spent yesterday putting the motor back into the Miata. I’d removed it months ago to replace the clutch and fix a bunch of oil leaks, but kept getting held up by other things. Finally had an open day and decided to make real progress. Got the motor in and everything connected to the point where it would run. Gave it a quick start with an open header just to make sure :)

Next up is to fill the transmission, attach driveshaft, exhaust, install radiator, and attach the clutch slave cylinder. That should get it to the point where it is drivable.


After that I need to install a better rear subframe (looks like the previous owner of my car mounted a curb pretty hard). But first need to free the control arm and hub seized on the replacement subframe.

I have an LSD to install at some point (Skids!)


Fun fact, did you know the Miata has built in beer holders? Now you do! Two perfectly beer sized holes in the rad support.


I’ll be doing a little bit of work each night this week to finish up. Hoping to get all done and driving by next weekend so I can get rolling on another project....

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