After a few months of general laziness and awaiting used parts, I finally have a running shoestring budget Miata! I’ve had it out the past few days and, *all things considered* it actually drives pretty well.

*the unknown alignment (poor, judging from tire wear), unknown miles on motor, no power steering, 50lb front wheels, and 4 bald mismatched Chinese tires.

Found a friend!

Even in this sorry state I can see what the draw is for these cars. It is slow as hell but I can drive it like an absolute maniac everywhere. Makes my FR-S feel like an M5 (in weight, general comfort, and speed!). It’s the closest I’ve come, in a car, to the feeling I get when I ride a scooter. This is probably amplified by the fact that I care very little for it’s mechanical well being. Plus I was getting some really funny looks driving around while it was snowing yesterday wearing ski gear with the top down!

Now that I’ve had it out for a bit and know everything works acceptably well I’ve decided this is going to be my new track car. As I go to more and more track days I realize that it’s only a matter of time before I have an incident. I’d rather that happen in something I can walk away from without issue, than my FR-S. To get to the point where I can reliably track it I need to do the following.

Roll bar, should be able to find one used for pretty cheap.

Swap to the new rear subframe, current one is bent.

Brake pads, no idea what’s on there now, probably autozone or something

Tires, I have a set of daisy’s but the set has two flats. The ones I do have are terrible condition


An alignment, Might try to do this myself. I’ve always wanted to learn how.


That should be about all that’s needed for now, I need to drive it a couple days and figure out if it wants/needs anything else.

Total running cost of the project to this point is just under $500 for all parts, clutch, title transfer, fluids, etc.

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