$200 Miata, used oil analysis

Decided it would be good for a laugh to send the oil from the $200 miata in for a blackstone analysis. Since I’ve been seeing slightly low oil pressure (and an issue where I had no oil pressure under breaking a for a while), I figured it would be a less than stellar report. Got it back today.

Amazingly, I’ve been beating on the car pretty hard, it has a totally unknown mileage motor in it, and the analysis came back almost as clean as the last on my track rat FR-S.


For reference, this is what a bad report looks like. This was the last time we needed to rebuild the ford 302 in our race mustang

I’m surprised, I expected it to come back a lot worse. Looks like I can take the Miata out on the track without much risk of the bottom end disintegrating.

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