The best damn Miata coilovers out there, and that’s a fact. Xidas—Pronounced “zee-duh”—are developed by 949 Racing, using Hyperco springs and built by Tractive Suspension in the Netherlands. They are made to do one thing. Win races. They also happen to be one of the plushest coilovers for street driving you’ll ever try.


Long, long ago, before AestheticsInMotion was even a lurker on the Jalopnik off-topic discussion board know as Oppositelock, I happened upon an article. This article was penned by a very well-written man, detailing the installation of coilovers in his pretty little soapbar of a car. The man was Adam of “Revlimiter” fame. The car—Sharka—was a gorgeous blue Mazda Miata modded to perfection. I didn’t realize it at first, but that article planted the seed for me to grow into the Miata loving individual I am today.

About two years later I was counting bills into a man’s outstretched hand, unable to contain the smile that continued to grow. I’d bought a Miata.

First week. Radiator and removable steering wheel


Adam’s article had been a gateway drug. From there I scoured his website, reading every blog post he’d written over the past ten years detailing his work with the lovable roadsters. I re-read them. Twice. Three times. As the high started to fade, I moved on to something stronger.


Miata forums, big and small. They were scary places. Going from the relative safety of Adam’s blog to the vast open space of “the forums” was what I imagine a child raised by a single parent in complete isolation would feel if they were to awaken in New York City, alone.


The first time I made my own thread, was to ask what n00b meant and why people kept calling me that. That went as well as you can imagine. Dumb questions were the norm. Slowly I got to know a few frequent posters, and the immense sea of knowledge available on “the forums” started opening up to me.

I was ready for something new. Turning in my “certified lurker” badge I’d had for the past year, I gained authorship on Oppo, due to constant pestering—er, I mean, the INCREDIBLY COMPASSIONATE AND WONDERFUL mods.


(mod edit *sigh*)

And that’s the story of how I joined Oppo!

Wait. What were we talking about? Miata-who..? Suspension you say..? Why would I suspend him, I don’t even know him!



My fingers hurt, so I’m going to have to split this up into two parts! I promise, we’ll get to the suspension! BE PATIENT.


I’m outta here!