There is a very long story behind all of this. Not many pictures were taken by yours truly, because I just thought of doing an Oppo review now.

The vehicle in question is a 2000 Ford Mustang V6, Convertible. Automatic with around 100k on it. I'm going to be doing 10 categories, with 10 points for each category. A total of 100 points will be used.

Also note: Only a couple of the pictures are actually mine, I will note when I took them. The picture below is not mine, but is almost exactly what the car looks like.

1st Category- Looks

The New Edge Mustang puts a lot of emphasis on looking fast. This may not be true, but didn't stop Ford from plastering it with a whopping three fake vents. One on the hood, and two on each side behind the drivers and passengers doors. All of which are on the verge of completely popping out of place. Otherwise, the rear end is very muscular, the front end is Meh, and the sides are ehhhhhh. Another note is how tiny the wheels are. Total 7/10


2nd Category- Braking

It brakes like it doesn't have brakes. That's a maintenance thing. They apparently aren't that great when they work properly also. Total 3/10

3rd Category- Acceleration

The 0-60 is 8 Seconds. So it's not that great, but it does sound amazing for just a V6. It feels much quicker than it actually is. Probably because it's a Mustang. 6/10


4th Category- Build Quality

Yeah, so this is where the Mustang really doesn't-shine-much. The plastic speaker housing, and all that other fun stuff is completely falling apart. The fake vents n'shit on the outside decided they didn't want to stay with the car anymore and the chrome strip along the drivers door attempted to commit suicide in every other parking lot. 3/10 (This one is my picture)


5th Category- Transmission


6th Category- Fun factor.

It's a convertible Mustang, I've always wanted to cruise around in one. It's awesome for that purpose. 8/10


7th Category- The convertible bit.

It's a pretty tight convertible. The roof is holding up fine, and if I recall correctly the glass thing is actually glass. It only leaks a bit in the rear windows where a little bit of rubber weather seal is missing. 8/10.

8th Category- Rear Seat and overall comfort.

It's a Mustang. You can leave it at that. That ain't got nothing to do with rap.


Nah, the rear seat is pretty tiny. Fitting three people back there is a squeeze, but is doable if you really don't like them much. Front seat comfort is alright. Seats are supportive, but the headrests are pretty low. Reminds me a bit of a Crown Vic. 5/10

9th Category- Reliability.

I'm fairly sure this car hasn't been properly maintained since around 2005, and it seems to be holding up well because of that. Nothing is wrong with it right now, and hasn't been broken for a few years. 9/10


10th Category- Conveniences.

It's pretty basic. Leather seats, Climate control, a radio of sorts, and that just about does it. It seems perfectly fine though. 7/10



1- Looks (7/10)

2- Braking (3/10)

3- Acceleration (6/10)

4- Build Quality (3/10)

5- Transmission (3/10)

6- Fun factor (8/10)

7- Convertiblenesss (8/10)

8- Comfort/rear seat (5/10)

9- Reliability (9/10)

10- Conveniences (7/10)

Grand Total- 60/100. A good car, but not exactly the most exhilarating or interesting to drive. Fun to be around, but not put together quite right.



Also, over this summer I got the chance to drive a 2000-and something Opel Corsa with an automatic. Which I actually have pictures of if anybody is interested.