Honestly not much to say. Absolutely love this thing. Power is excellent, accidental part-throttle wheelies are a thing. Range is excellent, 150+ miles per tank on the highwayhighway. Comfort is excellent, for me and a passenger. I can do a few hundred miles on this bike and still feel fresh and ready for more. A few hundred miles on the Harley was exhausting and made me a wee bit grumpy.

Oil changes are are about as hard as finding problems with kinja. Cleaning and lubricating the chain is a little more difficult than that, but come on, it’s not exactly Subaru spark plugs either.

Pacific coast highway? Yes please! This bike is constantly getting comments. I can’t help but wonder if there wouldn’t be so many if it were black or gray.


Is that the rock from the goonies!? Yes, yes it is. Only problem I’ve had was a missing circlip for one of the passenger pegs. But Motocorsa had one laying around and they’re not really out of my way, so no big deal. Other minor annoyances include a light buzzing/rattling I sometimes hear around 2k rpm at low speeds. I haven’t found anything loose, so I might stop by and get their opinion. And also how much it vibrates. That was the wife’s complaint more than mine, but at the same time she really liked it if you know what I mean!

She actually enjoys riding this bike with me as opposed to the Harley, which she hated riding. The lack of backrest scared her at first, but she has never feared she would fall of the back. The seat design/materials work together to be incredibly comfortable for a passenger and generally only allow them to slide forward under heavy braking.


Odo rolled over to exactly 2000 as I pulled into my driveway from a 250+ mile day trip out to and up the coast.