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2000 miles later

Oh, what a two weeks it has been! From the initial drive from NJ to SC, to my trip to the Tail of the Dragon to Nashville to Alabama then home, it hasn’t stopped making me smile!



Every commute to work is an occasion. It doesn’t feel normal, it feels like an event. From the engine roaring to life in the morning, shaking the car as it sits waiting to roll out, to the second a gap opens up to startle a left laner, it just wants to have fun. Just cruising around, it’s comfortable and relatively quiet, which is great for cruising to work, but when the chance to roll into the throttle presents itself... Oh my.

The interior isn’t nearly as bad as I expected, it’s not the Golf, but that’s fine, because this rattles less. The previous owner added a single din radio with Bluetooth and USB capability, so it has some features. The AC now works, which is a freezer.

On the Dragon, it came to life. I really was worried that it was going to be kind of a letdown, just because I knew I wouldn’t be able to access any of the power. But that simply isn’t true. On both accounts. Every corner(on the first and second runs) I got a little more comfortable, and every straight I could drop the hammer. In a world of 840hp Dodges, 405hp doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but keep in mind, it’s 2 tenths off of the 0-60 of a Hellcat. So every time the hammer dropped, the back end wiggled as it launched up to certain speeds, only to quickly reel it back down again. On top of all that, it feels so connected. Every input is a workout, the clutch is heavy, the shifter is heavy, and the steering requires just a bit more input than either of the cars before it. The first pass, I was laughing harder than I have laughed in a while as I pulled into Deals Gap.


It’s a stupid daily driver, and that makes it amazing.



I now know what hot coffee to the lap feels like, because I had to resort to using a window sill cup holder, due to the one factory cupholder being a sad joke.


This is a truly stupid daily driver, and I love it because of it. Hopefully I can justify a wildly impractical daily for a long time.

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