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2000 Ram 2500 Cummins: 1 month of ownership

Quite the truck. Harder to park than the Ranger, obviously, but besides that a great experience so far.

I get about 15mpg in the city, and thats in a very mountainous medium sized town, and about 22mpg on the highway. Not bad at all for a truck of this size, age, and capability.

Now I could easilly drive less of a truck, and get by. My work requires moving things frequently yes, but i will never come close to 2800lbs payload or 13,800lbs towing. But its nice having the margin of safety. And the diesel mpgs really makes it justifiable to daily a full size truck.


Some downsides are I have to turn it off in drive-thrus, due to the exhaust, and that rear visibility with a camper shell is abismal at night.

I does tow well. I frequently tow the Solar Car trailer and it does get us where we need to be. Blows some black smoke when accelerating under heavy load, but I think thats normal.

Overall great truck, something I will be able to use and enjoy for a long time.


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