Passenger side oxygen sensor, on the exhaust manifold.

We tried removing it, wouldn’t budge. Called the shop, and they said it is notoriously known for being seized and that we might need to replace the manifold. I guess I can take the manifold off and try removing the oxygen sensor; we can hit it with a blow torch to loosen it up, but the question is this - if I do need a new manifold, am I better of with:

1. No-name brad new eBay manifold in stainless steel, with gaskets and bolts, $105 for the pair -

2. Used set, removed at 15k miles, $60 for the side I need, or $100 for the pair, plus I guess $20-30 or so on gaskets


3. Brand new passenger side manifold + gasket, for around $300


I am leaning on $60 used manifold and I’ll go buy my own gaskets. I already have the oxygen sensor.

I am not used to wrench on my cars any longer - that’s why I buy/lease a new one every three years, but this is my dog-mobile and I have to take care of since dad got the 2018 Tundra. I don’t really care about the oxygen sensor, but it won’t pass emissions next time they are due if it has a check engine light.