While I admire the sellers attention to detail I couldn't read some of the claims in the attached ad with a straight face :)

1) I don't think Rieger was attempting to clone a BMW when designing this body kit.

2) In 2000 a TOP OF THE LINE Jetta GLS stickered at $17,500. While the stereo work looks trick who would invest $25,000 worth of depreciating gear into a $17,500 automobile? I know NOTHING about in car electronics but I wasn't born yesterday.

3) "Custom racing suspension system"? He managed to name drop every aftermarket part tacked onto this Jetta but couldn't be bothered to look above the 19" *Italian ATS Wheels to inspect the suspension?


4) ATS is a German Company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATS_(whee…

5) NOS on a 2.Slow. No Intake. No Exhaust. (Not that their absence really matters)


6) Congrats on upgrading from your 2000 Jetta to a new Vette! * Refer to CL Ad