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So, since Presidents’ Day, been wrenching and spending money. Here she is ready for the ride home:

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This was after a cursory washing. Good condition after sitting dormant in the sun the past three years. 64K miles. A new battery got her started on the first try. Most importantly, the number of pedals is correct.

Since being brought home:

  • New intake boot, which fixed and idle issue, cleared the CEL and helped pass smog
  • New tires. Holy shit the tires. Cords were showing.
  • Radiator, fan, fan clutch, water pump, thermostat, coolant tank and hoses. Nothing had failed but, it’s a good preemptive move.
  • Oil change.
  • Most recently, replaced the back window on the top. Original was solid and broke the fourth time I put the top down. I was going to get a good wash and wax, but rain is in the Bay Area

On the docket:

  • Brake refresh (rotors, caliper rebuild, pads, hoses, fluid)
  • Diff and trans oil change
  • Glue in the window switches...they push through the console, as is...20 year old plastic failed.
  • Clear the ABS light. I understand it may be corroded contacts under the seats I need to clean
  • Refoam the speakers...most are blown Replacing is either expensive or PITA due to depth issues, or configuration (Harmon Kardon system has crossovers built into the amp, so I can’t just drop in some coax or triax speakers and be done with it)
  • Install Bluetooth thing so the phone works on the BMW head unit Yeah, I could buy a new unit, but I don’t like the cheesy modern units.

Holy shit it’s fun. It walks a little bit on rough surfaces, but that’s manageable. I drive it a couple days a week in good weather, so it’s a great toy.

Illustration for article titled 2000 Z3 2.3

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