2001 Jetta Rehab Starter Kit

Looks like today I’m finally going to have some time to work on the Jetta a little bit...my father in law is in town and he’s taking my wife and our son out to do a little shopping, so I’m going to stay in and do some stuff. I’ve been hoarding parts and sleeping on a pile of them like a German dragon, so it’ll be good to actually do some stuff.

I wanted Stoptech Sport pads, but I think the Powerstop Evolution Plus is a better fit for this. It was also like $48 for the whole set, front and rear, so thats pretty good. I might go to a more aggressive pad, along with different rotors, if I decide to try autocrossing the car later; for now I just need the thing to work.


Not shown is a pair of rear ABS wheel speed sensors, and a rebuild for for the right rear brake caliper that hasn’t shown up yet.

I also have a fairly interesting problem with the car in that the hand brake is stuck down and released.  In other words, the brake is not on and I can’t pull the damn lever.  Not exactly sure what to make of that.

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