My wife has a 2001 Toyota Corolla. It has had a number of problems. While it has not broken down, it always has some problems and never runs great. In fact, I refuse to take it on out of town trips out of fear it will break down in the middle of no where.

The major problem it has is it burns oil and lots of it. At least 2 qrts in 2,000 miles, probably more. When her dad was in charge of maintenance, a mechanic told him to start using 20w-50 oil in it. I was skeptical and still am, but last time I tried switching to a lighter oil, it seemed to burn oil even faster. Searching online this seems like a fairly typical problem with these Toyota engines, but not very many people have information on fixing the problem.

The Second problem is the check engine light came on. Checking the code resulted in a P0171 system too lean error. Researching this, it looks like it could be anything from a MAF sensor to an intake manifold gasket.

She is a teacher and will be out for summer in the next few weeks. I was thinking I might try to repair both of these issues at once when she doesn't need the car every day.

Do you have any suggestions for other problems on this engine i should look into repairing?


Do you have any details or experience repairing the oil consumption problem?

Do you think any of these repairs are worthwhile if I plan to sell the car in about a year?