During my stay on Sicily my friend Erik had a brief look at the painted Touring and noticed that some blasting grit was still inside the car. So after return from my holiday we tried to clean it up only to discover that the water-outlets in the rockers of the passenger-side are closed. Oops.

So I contacted the guy who did the body, he came to look at it and again: the body has to return to the shop. Not only the rockers were not completely okay, also the innerside of the c-pillar wasn't good enough (which the guy himself found out).


But before that we're mounting the struts/wheels so it's easier to manoeuvre the car.

I already bought used tii-struts, which are stronger and capable of mounting bigger brakes than the normal 02 struts:

But they obviously are not going in like this. I ordered Bilsteins (I'm picking them up tomorrow) and Eibachs (they should arrive any day now). But the strutt itself also needed TLC. So first it was blasted, they came out pretty neat:


Didn't make pictures of the steps afterwards, covering it with Caprotech RX-5 (already done) and finishing up with black RX-10 (this week).

The story about the Eibachs is 'special' as well though. Eibach is a German company but the Eibach Pro-Kit, which lowers the car approx. 4 cm's, is not available in Germany. Or the Netherlands. Or the UK. So they're coming from (and are manufactured in)... The US. Probably not TÜV-geprüft but that's the least of my sorrows now.


The Bilsteins will probably decrease the lowering a bit as they're stiffer than the normal dampers.

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