That, good people, is my dilemma. My friend owns a mom-driven 2002 WRX wagon, which is effectively my dream car (we all have weird ones), and would be willing to sell it sometime this year for about $6,000. It’s astonishingly clean, and hasn’t had a finger laid on it, given the mom-ness that’s been driving it since new. Regular maintenance, etc, etc, and a little hail damage to the hood. Mechanically, so far as I can tell, it’s in pristine condition. That brings me to the million dollar question: My wife and I are going to have a kid sometime soon, and we’d need another car that’d actually be good to throw a child in (I have a 1991 Wrangler...nope). I’ve always loved the Mazda2, and you can find them ridiculously cheap around Denver, which is in the neighborhood of $9,000 for a 2012 or something. So, newer Mazda2 with about 30k on the clock, or 2002 Rex that’s unmodded with about 115k on it, and leaves a few more bucks in my pockets for a few upgrades?

Totally different cars, but totally fun to drive in different ways. I’ll say that living in Denver makes the WRX more attractive for my weekend snowboard escapades, but I await your feedback with bated breath.