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2003 Corolla CE - Edumicate me!


As many of you know I have been on the hunt for a highway warrior. A long wheelbase, decent MPG and comfort in leather wrapped seating. However, in a odd turn of events, my girlfriends parents of offered me their 2003 Corolla CE (Auto, otherwise base model) for FREE!

Yes, you can’t beat free so I said I’d give it a go. I may not fit but free is free and saves me $10K. There are two known issues that need to be resolved:

1) Exhaust replacement
2) Emissions sensor replacement

Quoted cost: 800$ + 200$ to pass safety + emissions

They don’t drive the car much as it has somewhere around 120k miles on it and her mother doesn’t have a cellphone so is concerned about breaking down. There is some rust on the rear quarters.

I’ll be using this car on 700 mile return trips on weekends for the next 6 months. Are there any issues I should know about these and what are Oppo’s thoughts?


I would like to add some sound proofing, aftermarket receiver (AUX) and a subwoofer (cut down on highway noise). + 500$

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