Illustration for article titled 2004 Audi A4 Avant Quattro 3.0 6MT: The test drive

I drove my co-worker’s new ride for maybe a few minutes. I’m now fully qualified to tell you about this car.


The drive:

Shifter is great, but clutch is too soft. There’s resistance near the top but it loses all feel halfway down. He loves this about any car. I prefer a pedal with full, consistent resistance. I think that bias just comes with driving older cars. Anyway, it is an easy clutch for sure, once you know where the bite is you’re good to go.


The engine is nice and torquey (that’s not a real word). 220 ft-lbs pulling a little car, feels good. Yes, good feels is all the professional analysis you need.

Ride quality was good. No rattle or shakes or creaks.

Beyond the test drive:

Back to the “little” part: this car is small in person, it’s low, and narrow. Up front you have plenty of room, in back I’m fine. It’s bigger than my Paseo wagon in terms of cubic feet, but if I parked them side by side I bet it would be close (“Why don’t you just spend 10 seconds googling the dimensions of each model?”) NO TALKING. Whose review is this, hmmm? Not yours, that’s who.


Anyway, the leather is comfy - or maybe this particular A4 just wasn’t treated poorly.

Front center console and cup holders are idiotic. You can’t have the bizarrely-high console down and shift comfortably, and if you want a drink in there, forget it.


So there you have it.

“Would you buy one?”


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