Some of you had the chance to see the Magnum up in New Canaan, and for those who haven't, here are some pictures. I just haven't gotten around to taking it somewhere for better pictures yet. Once finals are over, you can bet I'll take some time to do that. Also, I'm using a spreadsheet to track several things. I'm tracking mileage and maintenance/fill ups, as well as keeping a to-do list handy, which I'm updating and tweaking as I'm becoming more aware of how things work, and what improvements I can make. I'm hoping that I can modify the car tastefully, avoid the rice, but spruce things up nicely.

For example, I've been advised to get an oil catch can. After looking under the hood, I have a hose that's a little wonky. It's not stiff, and it looks like it's the victim of some vacuum pressure, as it's lost it's shape a bit, but it happens to be right where the catch can would go. Do I get a black one, or do I get a red one? I'm leaning towards putting just a little color under the hood with a red one, as another highly recommended mod is shorty spark plug wires, which I've found in red. I don't want to go out and replace ever fitting with an anodized red one, I'm just looking to break up the engine bay a little in terms of color. Also, in terms of fluids, because I'm looking at a trans fluid change in the near future (which I'll have a reputable local shop handle first, as I know the tolerance for a screwup are nonexistent), I'm thinking about going to Royal Purple fluids. All the cars in my house have traditionally gotten Mobil 1 fluids, and I have no complaints, I'm wondering if moving to something else will be worth it, or if I just keep doing what I'm doing.

^The cheapo HID kit (you can't really see it) and incompatible LED turn signal. HIDs weren't installed right, so one fog and one lo-beam were not sealed. Not that I care, they're in the back now. I'll try selling them to someone who wants the trouble of figuring which is what.


^Looking better already. Back to stock Low-Beams and turn signals. Stock fogs went back in, but one is bad. I'll replace it eventually. I don't use them much, so I'm not concerned right now.

^The HEMI, as nature intended, visible to the world. I'll be putting in a shorty wire set for the spark plugs to get rid of that octopus. A catch can will also be going in, then I decide what I want to do about the intake.


^After a good washing, it's starting to look really good. I'll get better pictures soon enough as I really get things cleaned up.


^Yes, that's one ballast that's screwed in with deck screws into the brake ducts. Damnit. There was another one with self-tapping screws right on the inner fender. Some JB weld will fix that.

Here's my To Do List, updated with some "wants" in the mix. Roughly ordered by importance, but I'm going through things as I have both the time, and money. The car is in great shape, and since I'm not 100% relying on it for a DD, I can get away with pushing certain things off for a little while.…

So here are the real important questions for you Oppo:

I'm looking at a Catch Can and Shorty wires. Do I get red ones, black ones, or what? I'm thinking that since I really like red, get the red shorty wires and a red catch can, but I also don't want to go the way of the rice, I want it to be tasteful.


Consider this a hive minded effort Oppo. I may think your ideas are bad, but I'll still listen. I want it to look good because it will go to shows, but I also don't want to sink my life savings in it, I want it to be budget friendly. I'm not opposed to eBay parts, but only if they're at least halfway decent and worth my time to install.

Possible catch can idea:


So there you go. I'm tackling the extra coolant tonight before I head home, as I'll be taking it out tomorrow again. I'll try to document the process as best as I can, but sometimes I just tackle the problem without pictures first.

Keep an eye on the spreadsheet, as it will change, and I'll be working on things constantly. If you have thoughts or suggestions, I'm all ears!