2006 Honda Pilot EX, an Oppo Review

Last Tuesday, I sold my Honda Pilot. It was my first car. Kind of. It was my mom's car, it had the title in her name, and she paid for the insurance, gas and maintenance so I could save all my money for college. I figured since it was gone, it would be a good time to review it. It will be extremely biased. This is my first long post, so please go easy on me if I make any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Exterior (7/10)


It is technically a crossover, but Honda built it to look more like an SUV than a crossover. I like the way it looks, especially with the white color. I knocked off a point because I don't like the way the tail lights look when they are lit. Also the car had lots of scratches from my brother driving it.

Interior (8/10)

It has a dark green interior. I think the green looks weird, but it hides stain and dirt really well. Plus the green isn't so dark that the car feels like a cave. I really like how Honda didn't have black plastic on the dash, because black and green together like that would have made it look bad. The column shifter allows the Honda to have lots of room for storage in the center, so I could keep a lot in the car. This was helpful from all the times that I had to move between my mom's and dad's house. Also, the interior had lots of room. The honda is wide enough that the middle seat isn't bad. The 3rd row is fine for half hour trips. Much better than riding in my grandfather's Highlander.

Acceleration (6/10)


It has 244 horsepower, and 240 lb-ft of torque. Not a huge amount for its weight, but it was fine for normal driving. Most of the power would come on around 4000 rpms, but it still had enough in the low rpms to not hold up traffic. I never found it lacking for power.

Braking (3/10)


I believe that the Pilot has the same brakes as the accord, even though the Pilot is heavier. I'm not completely sure though. Either way, it doesn't have very good braking. It would stop, but it felt like it took forever. I always felt like I was slamming on the brakes.

Ride (9/10)


It is a family car, therefore it is designed to have a very comfortable ride. It felt really great on road trips.

Handling (5/10)


It would turn. It has better feedback than the electric power steering in my moms Jetta, and it had much better handling than my dad's truck. The car would take longer than the Mini and the Jetta to respond though (big surprise).

However, the car would roll in the corners. Like really roll. Corners would need to be taken very slowly. And The traction control would come on way more than it needed to.


Gearbox (7/10)

It was an automatic, but it was a very good automatic. The gearbox was programmed to let the car go all the way to redline if you floored the gas pedal. The car wouldn't ever hesitate to downshift. This had been my favorite automatic that I have driven.


Audio (7/10)

It had 7 speakers. It had an iPod input. It sounded good to me.

Toys (5/10)


It had the aforementioned iPod input. It had automatic climate control. It had steering wheel radio controls. It had a 6 disk CD changer. It could have been ordered with more stuff, but it had enough for me.

Value (11/10)


My mom bought this car new in 2005. At the time it was the best car for us, 3 rows, short enough to fit in our garage, and better looking than a minivan (that wasn't important to me, but it was to my mom), plenty of space to move stuff, all for $29,000.

7 years later it wa mine to drive. It was free. My mom paid for gas insurance, and maintenance so I could save for college. Therefore it was an amazing value for me.


I didn't like driving this car, because it was so boring to drive. However, this was the car that made me like cars. I loved looking at it with my mom, even though I was 9. Even at that age I knew more than the salesman. This car was the car I learned how to drive in. It wasn't technically my car, but I loved it anyways. I already miss it.

Total (68/100)

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