In other news while I’m on my cross country journey, the 2006 Subaru Wrx STI that I was looking at has passed the PPI so I am going to pick it up! Now I don’t think this shop was nearly as thorough as the last one but they still covered everything important. Plus there are almost no worry factors with this one since it really is stock and there are no red flags. The only thing the PPI brought up was the worn tires which the seller had said already and this works positively for me anyways, I’d rather choose my own tires.

Purchase price is $13500 for a STOCK ‘06 STI with 136k miles and a nice list of maintenance stuff like timing belt/water pump and head gasket replacement. So the major stuff is out of the way and should make for a very fun car. I’m not too worried about value and all that but I’m sure a car like this will hold value if I don’t mod it or crash it. It will be my daily so I’m hoping to just keep it clean. I will put nice tires on it, roof rails, maybe a sway bar, and a catback. Otherwise, not changing a thing!

Front end damage was reported and there’s paperwork to show its only cosmetic

Yeah the paint is not perfect. And it’s got a few miles on it. But that’s why I’m not paying $20k+ like the other STIs on the market! For me, this is a great deal and should be exactly what I’m looking for. And if I don’t like it after a couple years? It’d be easy to sell for at least what I paid for sure. But knowing me, I am going to enjoy it to the fullest and drive it a million miles until it costs more than a house to keep operational. Then it’s race car build time!


Should be exciting to finalize that once I get to California next Saturday!