So this afternoon, I trekked to Boulder Toyota to test drive this over priced 2007 Land Cruiser. Here are my quick thoughts.

It’s more comfy than the Tacoma. Duh, it should be. The seating position is about 80% better than the Tacoma for me, you sit much higher in the vehicle and have a much more commanding/downward view out of the Cruiser. Rear seat leg room is worlds better, I can sit behind myself and have plenty of room. It’s also significantly quieter inside while driving, heck even while sitting there idling. So, it’s comfier, quieter, more room, and has better visibility. Advantage, Cruiser.

The interior looks dated. It’s nice and all, but I’d prefer a non-Nav screen version. I imagine that isn’t an easy replacement. Controls are straightforward and Toyota like, so they were familiar. You can definitely tell it’s a big heavy vehicle. The V8 is competent but it isn’t spirited moving around this heft. This particular model had the timing belt changed at 80k, and it now has 190k on it, so that’s due. But it started, stopped, and drove just fine for a big SUV. The Taco is quicker, but is rougher. It also only has 20k on it, Advantage, Taco.

Could I replace the Taco with a 100. I’d say yes. Not with this particular one. The dealer is asking $24k. Next up, I’m going to drive an 80. Its been a while since I’ve driven one, about 10 years or so, so it’ll be an interesting comparison. I won’t subject myself to a 200. It’s out of my price range if I were to swap vehicles.