2007 Touareg, great SUV or financial pitfall?

Recently, I read the article on the VW Phaeton and how lovely the car was to own (until it broke), and it made me think of another VW of that era that shared its part with a more expensive relative, the VW Touareg.

I found a 2005 VW Touareg for sale and it seems like a great deal, it only has 92k miles for only $6,995, right on par with a Toyota 4Runner of that year (if not cheaper)but it made me wonder how much of a financial pitfall would it be to own one? would be on par with owning a 2000's Land Rover?


I once steered away a friend from buying one but I wondered if she would have been better off with the Touareg than a 2006 330i she bought instead (which I also disagreed on, which also died of transmission problems) but now I see my self contemplating a touareg since I still see them on the road running.

the interior is classy, well built with nice leather and nice plastics. They are very good off road and I think their design has aged well considering its over 10 years old, while the efficiency and torque of the diesel is very tempting, I feel like the V6 may be the engine to go for, its the most popular engine and parts may be cheaper and easier to obtain.

will this be a financial pitfall? or just a mild financial slump to maintain?

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