I made this review because today, the CLS finally registered as my car!

It's registered as my friend car's before. Until i agree to swap my S600 with his CLS500+2 set of tyres, original and AMG. Yes, i know it have smaller engine. Yes i know it'll broken someday because afterall it comes when the merc was start to fight Lexus in a bad way. Yes i know it's a stupid 4-door coupe, it's like you ask mercedes to remove 2 doors from the S-Class and put it back again. But, love is strange. Let's start with the Exterior..

Exterior: 8/10

Look at it. It's much more Gorgeous that the W220. The only problem was it sits a bit too high from the ground. But the rest was, fantastic. And oh, the AMG badge in the back is stupid. I'll get rid of that soon. I mean, if you can't afford the AMG, why don't you just be honest. I prefer to see a normal looking merc than the one with stupid AMG badge. But, everyone has their own taste. So i can't complaint about that.
Anyway, can we move on?


Interior: 8/10

It's fantastic. It's quiet, spacious, comfortable, just like a coupe. That's what i'm going to write if i just tell the front. The back was, um...


Its wide and spacious, but the headroom is a bit lacking. Especially if you're a tall guy. Plus the visibility from the back is a bit narrow. But i think Mercedes made the CLS to be the Driver Version of the S-Class. For someone who love a big car but want to drive it everyday. But still, if you're a bit short like me, the car diserve 8. If you're tall, well, just sit in the front or drive it.

Acceleration: 9/10


Yes, it got less power than my W140. My S600 W140 have 395 hp, CLS only have 388. It got less torque as well, 420lb-ft vs 391. And both cars weight about 2 tonnes. But, the CLS do 0-60 in just 5.1 seconds, faster than my old S-Class. And yes, it's feels much more faster as well. The CLS is one of those rare brutes that loses weight as it gains speed, and gains balance as it loses your license. It's just, accelerates to ridiculous speeds with imperious ease, like strapped into a rocket or something.

But, the accleration is smooth, unlike the evo where you poked with the stick when you push the pedal, the merc just flies, quietly.

Braking: 9/10


It's just nice. It's shed speed with genuine authority and perfectly modulated feel. It's still feel connected to the road, unlike the W140 that have a bit too sharp brakes. The worst part about them being a bit too good, is that you tend to argue with yourself if its really necessary to brake. But because i'm a bit of slow on the road, i'll brake anyway.

Ride: 9/10


The ride is just insane. The Adaptive Damping System plus the Airmatic active suspension smoothes out all but the most vicious potholes and delivers outstanding road feel. It's just perfect for a very long drive. In fact, the only car that rides better than the CLS is just the W221 and Rolls-Royce, in my opinion.

Handling: 9/10


There's only 1 way how to describe the car's handling: Drive the E39 BMW. It's heavy, but not really heavy that you broke your arm. It's weigh just nice. Very nice. The CLS is as fast and nimble a luxobarge as money can buy.

Comfort: 9/10


I once sat in the boot when my friend drive the car. And i have to said even the ride in the boot is comfortable. Altough it's illegal. Anwyay, the seats is really nice. But maybe because i love the really plush seats, and the merc have one. The only omplaints are the back, which is a bit cramped for a tall guy. But because i'm a bit short, that's not a problem.

Gearbox: 7/10


Well, it's automatic. And it's not really nice, it's just ooookay. I once take the car to a dragstrip, and the gearbox are just too lazy for that. It's fine for daily drive, tough.

Toys: 9/10


It got so much toys that i spend the whole first day of ownership playing with toys. Just look at that! The CLS Stuffed wit lot of toys, that even the door has toys to adjust the seats. It's mental, and fun, and frustating if somebody mess that thing up.

Audio: 8/10

I saw one of these in carshow. And if you drive a CLS, that's unnecessary. It got a Harman/Kardon speakers, that really, really nice. That mods just made your car heavier and impractical. And the engine note is nice as well, afterall the 5.5L V8 with twin exhaust, even in a stock form, is really nice. I can't imagine if i bolt an AMG exhaust there.


Value: 7/10

I got my CLS for free. Well, not free, i have to trade the S600. But, in here normal price for the used CLS500 was 75-90k USD, and that's a BMW 1M money. Or a well spec-ed Audi A4. Forget it, the CLS is just amazing. Yes it's expensive, but it's amazing.