200k miles (320k km) surpassed

Whoever said the French or the Italians (it was built by Pininfarina in Italy) can’t build reliable cars really has no idea. My Peugeot 406 coupe has surpassed the magical threshold of 200k miles. Serious issues during my ownership: none.

I’ve owned the car over 5 years now and bought it with 167k km on the odometer, so I’m responsible for almost half its kms.

Current issues the car can’t really help: paint damage on the hood, minor bubbling (early rust) on a rear wheel arch due to old improperly repaired damage and an engine and underside covered in oil. I refilled the oil recently (it burns through 1 L per 8000 km but doesn’t leak) and stupidly forgot to remount the oil cap. I ‘lost’ 2 liters that way, in 50 km. ‘lost’, because most of it is still sticking to the car. No damage done though.


Chronic (design) issue: mid and rear sections of the exhaust rust through in about 3-4 years. The car itself is utterly rust free though, excluding the poorly repaired rear wheel arch.

Secondary design issue: it does about 4500 rpm at my common cruising speed of 150 kmh (93 mph). Base engine, 5 speed manual.

Biggest expense in the last year not related to normal maintenance, like fluids or tires: I swapped both shift cables as it didn’t stay in reverse 2 out of 3 times and getting worse. It shifts as new now, total costs: €125.

This week, at a Belgian coastal town holiday home:


March 2017, at the oppositelock meet at the Nürburgring (less than 300k km on the odometer then):

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