Borrowed a co-workers TSX yesterday to get coolant and hose patch so I could get the TTA home. This is my 5 minute review.

Interior: front seats are fantastic, rear are for children only. The materials and layout are great, but the color scheme is drab, depressing, and wholly uninspired. Bank-vault quiet. Verdict: it’s a nice enough place to spend time, but there’s nothing that makes you WANT to spend time here.


Suspension: quiet, isolated. No bumps resulted in noise intrusion. But too firm. Extremely stiff ride. Verdict: as a daily driver or on long hauls the stiff ride would get old quickly.

Drivetrain: no power at first, buzzy 4 cyl at lower rpm. Halfway through first gear it suddenly wakes up, and oddly the NHV decreases as RPM increases. Verdict: gutless, but sufficient for a commuter car. Nothing memorable.


Verdict: an entirely nondescript and unremarkable car. It does many things well, but exceeds at nothing in particular. Certainly not the valedictorian quarterback, more like the b-average second string punter that is friends with the valedictorian quarterback. Everyone knows the guy, everyone likes the guy, but he certainly isn’t leaving behind a legacy or anything memorable...

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