2010 Chevrolet Colorado - The Oppositelock Review

(Full Disclosure: Chevrolet wanted me to test the 2010 Colorado LT V8 so badly they arranged to build and sell it to some old fart who would use it lightly until I was ready to buy, who would then trade it in.)

Exterior - 9/10


I find people either love or hate the looks of this truck. I love it. 1 point off for the chrome, but that’s being taken care of.


Interior - 5/10

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. A solid 5/10 for that.


+1 for a great gauge cluster.

-1 for the steering wheel lifted straight from a Daewoo Lacetti

-1 for the Uplander shifter. It’s not that bad when you get used to it, but it’s pretty awful at first.


+1 for everything being layed out simply and intuitively.

+1 for a rather attractive, simple design. I quite like it. A few accents to break up the black, not too much.


-1 for that attractive design going to shit when you start touching things. Seriously, with the amount of hard plastic in here, you could completely rebuild Cher.

+1 for nice comfy seats.

-1 for those nice, comfy seats going to shit when you try to take a corner. The only way these seats have enough bolstering to keep you from making skidmarks on the door handle is if you’re a lazy orangutang with a glandular problem if you don’t have a wheel to hang on to.


0 (or +1/-1, this is really one point with two elements that counteract each other) The hard plastic is quite durable. It also means the console squeaks like hell.


+1 for a decent amount of space in the rear.

-1 for the ridiculous placement of the cupholders. Sure it sort of redeems itself by being a good place for a garbage bag, but then so does Cleveland. It also comes loose very easily.


Acceleration - 8/10

It’s no supercar, or, these days, even a sports car, but I think it’s highly respectable for what it is. The official tests put 0-60 anywhere between 6.7 and 7.3 seconds depending on the variant. I’m probably in the 7-7.3 region. How it FEELS, though... getting booted in the ass by that torque is awesome.


Braking - 7/10

It has brakes. They work. Well. Even considering the rear drums. They overpower the tires quite easily (not a good thing, but that wasn’t the question. The question was does it have good brakes), and ABS isn’t too intrusive(good thing). They do have the typical “stock-gm-brake-shake(TM)”, but not as bad as many. They are also a little grabby.


Ride - 6/10

It rides great on a smooth road (duh), rides meh on a due for maintenance road, rides crap on a Toronto road, and rides fun on a construction/under construction road. Stock rear leaf springs are pretty weak, so it does do a bit of bouncing.


Handling - 6/10

Depends entirely on my mood and the weather conditions, due to the fact that it will handle if you force it to but would rather not. The best way to describe it is by going back to that Top Gear episode where Hammond tested the Cayman(Boxter?) and Z4 back to back. The Cayman(Boxter?) would make the best of whatever you chose to fling at it. The Z4, handled in the same way would put you in a hedge. Like the Z4, the Colorado makes you work for it if you want it. Eg:

If I’m tired, the handling sucks, because I’m not really concerned with it being fun. I’m treating the Z4 like a Cayman(Boxter?) and it doesn’t like it.


If I’m in the snow in 4hi it becomes very predictable and balanced, and it’s phenomenal fun. The fact that the slippery surface eliminates much of the body roll could have something to do with that.

It comes to this. It definitely doesn’t handle well enough to get any more than 6, but I’ve got enough fun out of it that there isn’t a chance of an icicle in hell I’m going any lower. :)


Gearbox - 4/10

The weak spot in this truck is the transmission, being a low-end 4auto and paired with GM’s torque management, but it’s OK most of the time. It’s predictable and correct 85-90% of the time. Basically, if you roll on to the throttle, it’ll pick up fine except when coasting down to a light that suddenly goes green. Then that 4l60e can frankly go f*ck itself with the wrong end of a chainsaw. It slams around doing who knows what. If you don’t roll on, torque management goes nuts and you go nowhere. It’s weird to say about an auto, but get it right and it’s awesome. Get it wrong and you’d rather be riding a camel while very hung over.


Toys - 6/10

I honestly don’t know what you could call a toy on this thing. Time to start splitting hairs.


In-dash CD changer, A/C, heated seats, and aftermarket aux input... that’s pretty much it. Unless you count 4lo and rear locker. I count that.

There’s also a cool feature built into the tailgate cables that allow you to have it sit half open, letting you transport 4x8 sheets that otherwise wouldn’t fit between the wheel wells.


Audio - 10/10

Quite Nice. How do you describe and audio system other than that?

Besides... V8 NOISE

Value - 7/10

Shit. I have no idea. They are hard to find and tend to be expensive, but then they seem to be holding their value well so far, so that balances out. Mine only dropped $7-8000 in 4.5 years, there are low-mileage examples going for more than they were worth new. That’s probably going to change when the 2016 diesel’s come out though. I’m just going to say 7 at a guess.


Total - 68/100

Engine: 5.3L V8 LH9

Power: 300 horsepower/320 LB-FT torque

Transmission: 4-speed automatic w/ overdrive

0-60 Time: 7-7.3 seconds

Top Speed: 160kph limited.

Drivetrain: RWD/4WD

Curb weight: 3,600 lbs

Seating: 5 people

MPG: 14.1l/100km city/9l/100km highway. At least officially. It’s a pipe dream, but I’m not sure exactly how far off I am, so make do with that.


Price: $21,000 as tested before taxes.

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