Dealers location is weird

The car I s smaller than I thought it would be

Tires are decent But they are armoralled to all get out. Maybe one of them is worn more on the inside than the outside


From what I can see laying on the ground, the rust is not bad

Scratches on passenger side and hood; long very fine thin scratched. Might be able to buff them out

Interior looks nice especially with the sport seats

Oil cap looks normal on the underside, oil level must be electronic as there is no apparent dipstick


No apparent leaks anywhere under the car

Start it up, no apparent chain noises

Try the windows, passengers window won’t go up drivers rear window won’t go down with drivers switches but will with switches at each window


And away we go, brakes feel decent

Transmission has no noticeable shudders or odd behavior

Get on it and sure enough it feels decently quick

Hop on the highway and play with the paddles; yayyy, ZF 8 speed is a good transmission


Hmm, some kind of very slight rotational noise and maybe a slight feel through the steering wheel; axle? Wheel issue? Wheel bearing? I dunno. It’s slight though

Swap drivers seat with my wife

She likes it a lot; wants to get it

I’m reserved due to the window switches and the rotational noise/feel.

We get back to the dealer; my daughter is over the car shopping process

Oil level is good per the dash

Also check coolant and it is low; like under Minimum line even though it’s warmed up. Either leaking now, in the past, or it’s getting out elsewhere


I tell me wife; I don’t expect perfection but I’m not sold. The window switch is small sure, and the scratches are not deep; but the coolant level is a wild card. Wife is still very pro A4.

We go in and look at the car fax and it had structural damage noted. I had emailed the dealer 3 days ago for the car fax and hadn’t gotten it.


I tell my wife I’d want a PPI to know how the damage was fixed but I’d still have reservations So it could just be sunk time and money; she isn’t as excited once we see the noted structural damage.

Third car down. So far the 335i xdrive coupe was the best but most expensive and least practical(though not that bad, the trunk was decent and rear seat leg room was too); A4 would need a good PPI before I’d consider it to know how it was fixed and where the coolant is going; Mini Countryman All4 S was just okay.


I emailed a local Audi dealer about an A3 on their lot tonight. There are no pictures and although the price is $400 above KBB, it seems too high but I’m still interested.

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