Some of you may recall that my co-worker is looking for a new ride after his Focus blew up. It looks like he's probably going to try to get financing for a late model used car. He wants to keep it under $10k, but he also wants something decent that will last a few years.

Right now his frontrunners appear to be a 2011 Fiesta:

And a 2011 Versa hatchback:


Both of which are being sold by the same dealer which is fairly close to our office, which should make back-to-back comparative test drives easy.

My only concern with the Fiesta is that the miles are a little steep, and if it hasn't had it's timing belt changed yet, it's certainly due. The Nissan's MR18DE, while fairly boring, does have a timing chain so it gets a pass there.


What does Oppo think of these cars?