What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

*NOTE* This is an exact replica of the car we had.

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Well I have nothing to do right now so why not make an Oppositelock review! This review will be of my dad’s previous car, a 2011 Nissan Sentra SE! It was well equipped, got really good gas mileage and was surprisingly comfortable for a small little box.

(Disclosure: Nissan wanted me to drive this so badly they gave it to my aunt’s business and one year later asked us to take over the remainder of the lease. The car also smelled like food)


Exterior: 8/10
I liked the way it looked, no really I did. The Special Edition package made this car quite good looking. It had black headlamp and taillight treatments and decent looking grey wheels that made the car look more upscale compared to a regular one, so much that I preferred driving that over my Pilot (there’s also another reason, but more on that in a bit). So basically it was clean, understated and in my opinion better looking than the current one.

Interior: 4/10 appearance 9/10 for space and comfort.
I’ll get this out of the way first, one you went inside you were instantly reminded that you were in a Nissan, so pretty much bland. It did have one redeeming quality about it, it was so roomy inside! You had a good driving position and everyone had lots of space in the back. Nobody complained about the lack of room compared to the Pilot which I think is crazy especially since it’s 3x the size of this dinky little crapbox. It was also good comfort wise.


Performance: 8/10
The engine works good, okay amount of power and it returned really good fuel economy, which is why it got an 8. I will admit it’s fun to rev the nuts out of it and hear that 4-cylinder just protest that you’re asking it to make power.

Gearbox: 5/10
It’s a CVT, which we hate but if you drive it normally it’s fine. Nothing special.


Ride: 9/10
It rode incredibly, just as good as my Pilot. Why do I need a giant gas guzzler again?

Handling: 1/10
This is the cars biggest drawback. Its handling was laughable, like it sucked. Understeer galore and wheel hop like no other.


Visibility and maneuverability: 10/10
It was tiny, so driving in and out of traffic was a joy, I was able to fit through tight spaces unlike the clumsy Pilot. That’s my favorite thing about the car.

Steering: 4.11111111111/10
It had no feel and was artificially heavy, but it worked fine enough.


Toys: 10/10 (my expectations)
Like my Pilot, it has everything you need and nothing you don’t care for. It had aux/usb input, a sunroof and decent seats, which is all I care for. It did have a neato ignition that worked like a traditional ignition switch, but didn’t require sticking your keys in. I liked it. The only bad thing was the navigation system was dumb but I never used it.

Value: 7/10 in reality, 10/10 for my dad.
We only had to pay monthly payments on it, which was nothing and had we bought the car (which we should’ve) it would’ve only cost us 8k to purchase it, so we could’ve got a 22ishk car for under 14k.

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